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How to support our mission

The Lyreio Childrenís Institution receives no grants or subsidies of any kind. The children are supported entirely by both large and small donations from friends in the form of individuals, companies and organizations who support our mission, by endowments, and by money the Institution receives through leasing buildings it owns.

Additionally, an annual lottery, approved by the Ministries of Economy and Health, takes place on the Institutionís premises on the last Saturday of each December. The first prize is always a new car, with further prizes of lesser value. The purpose of this lottery is to financially assist in the completion of the Childrenís Village of the Lyreio Childrenís Institution and enable restoration of houses destroyed in the blaze of 1995, as well as ŰÔ contribute to the overall well-being of our children.

If you are interested in supporting our mission so as to build the ĎOrthodox Villageí we have dreamed of, you can help in the following ways:

  • By giving monetary donations when visiting the Institution.

  • By sending money through postal checks to the address: LYREIO CHILDRENíS INSTITUTION "SAINT ANARGYROI" "ORTHODOX VILLAGE", Mati Attiki, 190 09 Rafina.

  • By depositing donations in one of the following bank accounts of the Lyreio Childrenís Institution, as shown below:


Account Number

International Bank Account Number (…¬ŃÕ)

National Bank



Alpha Bank



Eurobank EFG


GR 5302600960000120100916725

Piraeus Bank




  • Donations by credit card VISA, MASTERCARD or ELECTRON VISA of any bank (including your name or not) either through the website www.easypay.gr (with the security and convenience of Piraeus Bank), selecting the Lyreio Childrenís Institution or calling at 801 802 803 804 or at 210 3288000.

  • Donations through ATMs.

  • Donations through e-banking for the customers of electronic bank services.

Please notify the Institution after making the deposit, by calling 22940-79240-1 or by fax to 22940-78617 or by e-mail to lyreio@gmail.com, giving your personal details and a copy of your bank receipt.


  • By fully or partly undertaking the cost of construction and labour of either a new house or other buildings of the ĎOrthodox Villageí; these are to replace buildings destroyed in the 1995 blaze and have not been reconstructed yet.

  • By offering goods and supplies: direct delivery of heating oil to the Lyreio Childrenís Institution, food, expendable supplies, school stationery, toys, books, new clothes or those in very good condition, etc.

  • By visiting the Institution in order to know us better.

Distance contribution
or at 801 802 803 804.
Thank you.