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Graduation from the Musical Studies Department of the University of Athens


Joanna, one of our girls who is blind, graduated last June from the University of Athens in musical studies. She plays piano and will continue her studies in violin. The greatest wish of this remarkable girl, which is also our wish for her, is to obtain a respectable job suitable to her qualifications which will enable her to become independent and make her own way in life.

Participation of our children in summer camps


Teenage girls from the Lyreio Childrenís Institution joined the 2nd session of the summer camp of the Holy Bishopric of Piraeus. Additionally, one of our girls, a student at TEI, worked in the same camp as a team leader during the 1st session. Our boys on the other hand joined the summer camp of XON Piraeus (a Christian Youth Club). We would like to express our gratitude to both the Holy Bishopric of Piraeus and XON Piraeus for their kindness in accommodating our children, which in the case of the girls has continued for a number of years. We would also like to request the Holy Bishopric of Piraeus to accommodate girls under the age of 12 next summer.

Kindergarten in the Lyreio Childrenís Institution


A Kindergarten will be opened next year, to operate together with the elementary school which has functioned successfully over the last years. This kindergarten, like the elementary school, will also be under the supervision of the Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs and its Departments.

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