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Brief history

In 1967 the cherished and respected captain of the Merchant Marine, MARKOS LYRAS, made a generous donation which provided for the establishment of the Lyreio Childrenís Institution "Saint Anargyroi" "Orthodox Village". The charter, as well as the organizational regulations of the Institution, were in due course legalized under a ministerial decision.

Situated between Rafina and Nea Makri (Mati), it initially overlooked the old settlement of Neos Voutzas on land allotted by the Holy Monastery of Penteli and the Holy Archbishopric of Athens. In the mid 70ís the Institution was relocated to its present site.

The monastic nunnery of the Holy Trinity is fully responsible for the proper functioning of the Lyreio Childrenís Institution, which is under the supervision of the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Ministry of Health and Welfare. The management consists of a seven-member board of directors with the most reverend Bishop of Kifisia, Amarousion and Oropos as President, the reverend Mother Superior of the monastic nunnery as Vice President, 2 nuns and 3 laity of both sexes.

The aim of the Institution is to foster, educate, provide for and offer its services without charge to children requiring alternative family care because their parents are either deceased or face enormous social and financial problems. The Institution protects and nurtures the children till adulthood, full education and marriage.

In July 1995 the enormous fire that reduced the beautiful surrounding forest of Penteli to ashes also caused a great deal of damage to almost every building of the Institution during 3 nightmarish days. Immediately, a number of people activated themselves to collect contributions in the form of money, groceries, furniture and household equipment. With enormous love and generosity friends and donors opened the road for the rapid restoration of the buildings and facilities of the Lyreio Childrenís Institution, thus ensuring the healthy future of our children. Human kindness shone!

Ten years later in the summer of 2005, the Institution again faced great danger from another fire but thankfully survived with little damage.

The Board of Directors of the Lyreio Childrenís Institution

Cyril Missiakoulis, most reverend Bishop of the Holy Bishopric of Kifisia, Amarousion and Oropos
Sister Maria, reverend Mother Superior of the Monastery of the Holy Trinity and Director of the Lyreio Childrenís Institution - Vice President
Vasilios Kaltsas - Secretary General
Sister Kalliniki - Treasurer
Sister Nektaria - Member
Markos Hatzipateras - Member
Maria Andreou - Member

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