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The childrenís needs

While the demands of the modern competitive society, with the constantly increasing cost of living, is a great consideration in the upbringing and education of 1-2 children for a standard Greek family, we can imagine the expenses faced by the Lyreio Childrenís Institution in housing and providing for its 60-70 children on a daily basis.

The education, health care, personal cleanliness, nutrition, clothing, pocket money and entertainment for the children has always been a difficult task which could not be accomplished without the support of the many friends of the Institution. The number and cost of these necessities can only be met with the help and support of our faithful friends and donors.

Additionally, during the winter there is an imperative need to fill the oil tanks with 10 tons per month. This is because the Institute is at an altitude. This cost is a heavy burden for the Lyreio Childrenís Institution, whose support relies entirely on friends and donors.

Our children, who have suffered deprivation and misfortune from their earliest years, need the help and support of us all. At the same time, our country today needs the well-being of every last child. Material aid and mainly financial aid is precious. The children of the Lyreio Childrenís Institution express a great THANK YOU with smiles of gratitude to all of you who think of them and support them in any way.

Our strength is our belief in God and our reward is the smile that shines on our childrenís faces.

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